Wendy Volhard’s AM and PM – Recipe 1

This recipe is fed twice a day. For the AM breakfast meal, add yogurt or kefir, water and selected vegetables*, mix and serve. For your dogs PM dinner meal, add water, beef, mix and serve.
*vegetables: varieties to choose from are listed on the package label.

Suitable for:
raising puppies naturally, maintaining working dogs, dogs recovering from illness, obese dogs seeking to lose weight, dogs with specific health problems and older dogs. No supplements are needed.

Wendy Volhard’s AM & PM
The first dehydrated dog food on the market – and still today the number one dehydrated dog food.

Wendy Volhard’s Recipe 2 (NDF2)

Recipe 2 is the recipe to which you simply add beef and water, mix and serve. It has the same base formula as Wendy Volhard’s AM & PM with added pro-biotics, beta carotene and coat conditioners.

Popular with busy professionals and people who want only the very best for their dogs, now available in three sizes! 5lbs, 10lbs and 20lbs.

Wendy Volhard’s Original Recipe

Wendy Volhard’s Original Recipe is just what it says: Wendy’s original recipe. If you want to make your dog’s food from scratch, in your own kitchen with fresh ingredients, you can find the recipe now at

If you have been looking for a dog diet to make yourself that is fresh, wholesome, nutritious and home-made, this is the recipe you have been searching for.


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